Investing In Sustainable Results

Lean Giap Group invests in visionaries shaping a sustainable future, innovators whose ideas help manufacturers become more efficient, and solutions that bring benefit to society & environment by creating a circular economy.

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Lean Giap’s Philosophy on Investment & Sustainability

Sustainability should not be a zero-sum game between profitability and the environment. Guided by the Japanese philosophy of Kyosei (meaning to thrive together), our impact investments are centred around achieving a triple bottom line, where returns are measured by creating a positive impact on the environment and society in addition to financial profitability.

Lean Giap Group’s Investments

Our circular economy impact investment is our way of helping stakeholders within the manufacturing industry transition seamlessly towards a circular economy by addressing the pain points and challenges they face in their journey.

  • Toling
  • LGEP
  • Nuplas Solutions


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Lean Giap Group is committed to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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