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Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 11
🛫🛫 During World War 2, Nylon was invented and been replaced everything that was once made from #silk—such as silk stockings—as silk imports from Asia experienced significant #shortages and #price #fluctuations.
⏩ Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are both synthetic polymers called #polyamides (PA), a.k.a 【聚酰胺】.
⏩ Most Nylons are semi-crystalline and possess good #strength and #durability for demanding applications.

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 10
💼🤵Welcome back to work after CNY holiday.
⏩ Did you drive a car to work today?
⏩ Did you put on your car seat belt?
⏩ Did you shave in this morning before go to work?
⏩ Do you plan go to grocery shopping in this coming weekend?
You can find Polyoxymethylene #POM a.k.a 【聚甲醛】in your car door lock, fuel system, seatbelt locking, roller, electronic shave, printer and etc.
⚙⚙ POM first used commercially is to replace machinery components which were previously all made of steel.



Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 9
🧨🧧 Chinese New Year is coming.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏡Let's spending more time together with our family at home this year.
Did you buy any biscuits to celebrate CNY, like sambal shrimp rolls, almond cookies, pineapple rolls, etc⁉
Most of the CNY biscuits are actually packed in plastic rigid packaging like #GPPS , #PP , #PET . These are all FDA approved in order to contact with our food and keep the food safe.
But do you know what is the differences between all these plastic material packaging?
General Purpose PolyStyrene #GPPS a.k.a 【通用级聚苯乙烯】. It is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic that has excellent transparency, high stiffness and excellent moldability (injection, extrusion, foam molding, etc.).

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 8
😣 MCO is extended.
🛍 Online shopping is still the best way to stay safe at home.
‼ But, on #lazada #shopee do you ever go through the #productdescription to know more about the #material made of? 🧐🧐😵😵
Did you ever wash plastic plates which are stained with oil 🍤🌭and curry 🍛? You will find that some plates are quite easy to wash, some are not.
💡😯 It is all because of the material made of.
Follow our ⏩Plastic Makes It Possible⏪ to get the material which is best fit to your needs.
😭😭 No disappointment anymore after unboxing your parcel.
Acrylonitrile Styrene #AS #SAN a.k.a 【苯乙烯-丙烯腈共聚物】. It is a plastic with excellent transparency and glossiness. Also It is also resistant to impact and chemicals.

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 7
Everyone is working from home now. 🏡👨‍💼👩‍💼💻
Did you buy a new printer or other office equipment to improve our working efficiency at home? 💸💸💸
Actually, the printer housing and some other electronic devices housing you bought are made of High Impact Polystyrene #HIPS a.k.a 【高抗冲聚苯乙烯】.
HIPS is a high impact strength material and suitable to be used in packaging application. It is also available in FDA approved grades for food packaging purpose.
You can easily identify #HIPS material by looking at the recycling code ♻ of the product, it would be the no. 6️⃣

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 6
A new post for another interesting, widely used plastic material.
#ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene a.k.a 【丙烯腈丁二烯苯乙烯聚合物】
It is made up of three monomers: #acrylonitrile , #butadiene and #styrene:
This component contributes to ABS chemical resistance & heat stability
This component delivers toughness & impact strength to ABS polymer
It provides rigidity & processability to ABS plastic
Click on the pictures to know more and share with your friends to help them know more about the right material and right product.

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