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Innovation, Solid Waste Management, Sustainability and Circular Economy




With a vision of staying slightly ahead, LGE Initiative believes in improving people’s lives by creating sustainability solutions. Focusing on waste management solution, our sustainable strategy is based on three objectives: Closing gaps within material life cycles, increasing sustainable product portfolio and with our client chains, built solutions collaboratively that enable everyone to enjoy a sustainable life.


We recognize that adequate management of the disposal of plastic waste is growing global concern. For society to leverage the benefits that plastics offer, it is essential that they be recovered properly to avoid causing harm to our natural ecosystems.


To ensure this, all of us must work together to promote conscientious consumerism for proper disposal, recycling, and product redesign. It is a topic that no one organization, industry or government can solve alone. LGEI is taking the first step to do our part through a new global commitment to the Circular Economy and we are inviting others to do the same.


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