Corporate Name

Nuplas Solutions Sdn Bhd





Business Area

Sustainability and Circular Economy, Upstream and Downstream innovation, Waste Management, Green Technology.


About Us

We are an impact driven company helping businesses to create a circular use of recyclable resources. The circular economy is an impending paradigm shift that is important for our future success and stability. It is a growing parameter needs to fully utilized. We recognize that it is something that we must work together on.


Solutions for you

1. Software

2. Recycle Bins

3. Data Sharing

4. Sustainability Reporting


2021 Innovation

NuCycle App



What we do

We’re a mobile recycling app to help you and your company reduce your carbon footprints. Recycling is now made easy and reliable.


Our mission

NuCycle seeks to provide a digital solution for the next generation. We challenge people to RE-THINK and RE-DESIGN their waste management system. All by creating a community centred around the triple bottom line approach – Planet, People and Profit.


Our app





We are now open to collaborate with partners who are looking for one-stop solutions to set up a bin or recycling center at

1. Office

2. School

3. Apartment

4. Neighborhood

5. Shopping mall

6. Property


Contact us

012-410 9189

012-483 7688


[email protected]