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Nuplas Solutions Sdn Bhd





Business Area

Waste Material Trading Solutions On Demand, Warehousing & Logisitc, Exporting, Carbon services, recycling app – NuCycle app.


About Us

We are an impact driven company helping businesses to source for valuable end-of-life material and create a circular use of these resources. The circular economy is an impending paradigm shift that is important for our future success and stability. It is a growing parameter needs to fully utilized. We recognize that it is something that we must work together on.


NuCycle App

NuCycle seeks to provide a digital solution for the next generation and make recycling easier and reliable. We challenge people to RE-THINK and RE-DESIGN their waste management system. All by creating a community centred around the triple bottom line approach – Planet, People and Profit.




We are now open to collaborate with partners who are looking for one-stop solutions to set up a bin or recycling center.


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