Penang Green Office Award – Wisma Giap Chew

Penang Green Office Award – Wisma Giap Chew

We are honoured to announce that our office space is officially awarded as 【Penang Green Office】and met the assessment requirements of Penang Green Council.

Penang Green Office - Certification

Penang Green Office - Lean Giap Group of Companies

Penang Green Office - DayLight

penang green office - wisma giap chew

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Our employees health and their working space are always our top concern. In fact, they spent most of their day time in the office.
A study from Harvard found that when we work in green-certified offices, we get a 26% boost in cognition, and 30% fewer sickness related absences. What’s more, respondents also reported a 6% rise in their sleep quality.
Hence, we decided to go green and stay in harmony with the working space, by
1️⃣ Offering more natural light
2️⃣ Getting indoor plants
3️⃣ Setting up the reminder posters
4️⃣ Keen to purchase green electrical devices in the future
5️⃣ Assigning Committee in charged
6️⃣ DIY our own Recycle Bins
7️⃣ And etc…..
Finally, thanks you for the great support from the employees and lets keep our working space stay green and healthy.