Plastic, an important component of a smartphone.

Plastic, an important component of a smartphone.

How can plastic help during the MCO for COVID-19 pandemic?

Plastic, with its durable, light, and easy to produce characteristics makes it an important component of a smartphone. Plastic components typically make up from 20% to 40% of a smartphone.

Besides being durable, light and easily produced, plastic in the smartphone does not interfere with the phone reception, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals. This makes it conducive to connections without the need for heavy antenna bands over its body.

Imagine a pandemic and the imposition of MCO in the 1990s, a period without our cutting-edge technology of a smartphone, how would our life be then? Imagine the challenges without the technology to ease your online shopping, get your news updates, and make instantaneous audio & video communications with your loved ones.

Let’s count our blessings for the plastics in our lives, especially having a smartphone that is made available to us by the use of plastic!