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Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 10
💼🤵Welcome back to work after CNY holiday.
⏩ Did you drive a car to work today?
⏩ Did you put on your car seat belt?
⏩ Did you shave in this morning before go to work?
⏩ Do you plan go to grocery shopping in this coming weekend?
You can find Polyoxymethylene #POM a.k.a 【聚甲醛】in your car door lock, fuel system, seatbelt locking, roller, electronic shave, printer and etc.
⚙⚙ POM first used commercially is to replace machinery components which were previously all made of steel.



Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 8
😣 MCO is extended.
🛍 Online shopping is still the best way to stay safe at home.
‼ But, on #lazada #shopee do you ever go through the #productdescription to know more about the #material made of? 🧐🧐😵😵
Did you ever wash plastic plates which are stained with oil 🍤🌭and curry 🍛? You will find that some plates are quite easy to wash, some are not.
💡😯 It is all because of the material made of.
Follow our ⏩Plastic Makes It Possible⏪ to get the material which is best fit to your needs.
😭😭 No disappointment anymore after unboxing your parcel.
Acrylonitrile Styrene #AS #SAN a.k.a 【苯乙烯-丙烯腈共聚物】. It is a plastic with excellent transparency and glossiness. Also It is also resistant to impact and chemicals.

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 7
Everyone is working from home now. 🏡👨‍💼👩‍💼💻
Did you buy a new printer or other office equipment to improve our working efficiency at home? 💸💸💸
Actually, the printer housing and some other electronic devices housing you bought are made of High Impact Polystyrene #HIPS a.k.a 【高抗冲聚苯乙烯】.
HIPS is a high impact strength material and suitable to be used in packaging application. It is also available in FDA approved grades for food packaging purpose.
You can easily identify #HIPS material by looking at the recycling code ♻ of the product, it would be the no. 6️⃣

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 6
A new post for another interesting, widely used plastic material.
#ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene a.k.a 【丙烯腈丁二烯苯乙烯聚合物】
It is made up of three monomers: #acrylonitrile , #butadiene and #styrene:
This component contributes to ABS chemical resistance & heat stability
This component delivers toughness & impact strength to ABS polymer
It provides rigidity & processability to ABS plastic
Click on the pictures to know more and share with your friends to help them know more about the right material and right product.

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