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Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 11
🛫🛫 During World War 2, Nylon was invented and been replaced everything that was once made from #silk—such as silk stockings—as silk imports from Asia experienced significant #shortages and #price #fluctuations.
⏩ Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are both synthetic polymers called #polyamides (PA), a.k.a 【聚酰胺】.
⏩ Most Nylons are semi-crystalline and possess good #strength and #durability for demanding applications.

Plastic Makes It Possible - Series 10
💼🤵Welcome back to work after CNY holiday.
⏩ Did you drive a car to work today?
⏩ Did you put on your car seat belt?
⏩ Did you shave in this morning before go to work?
⏩ Do you plan go to grocery shopping in this coming weekend?
You can find Polyoxymethylene #POM a.k.a 【聚甲醛】in your car door lock, fuel system, seatbelt locking, roller, electronic shave, printer and etc.
⚙⚙ POM first used commercially is to replace machinery components which were previously all made of steel.



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