Video Clip on In.Tech Conference 2019 : Sustainability

Video Clip on In.Tech Conference 2019 : Sustainability

In.Tech Conference 2019 : Sustainability

Going Beyond Reduce

It was our honor to have our Penang Chief Minister, YB Chow Kon Yeow 曹觀友 in our In.Tech Conference 2019 – #Sustainability.

In.Tech Conference is a #Platform for #Industry #Players to be #Inspired and #Engaged by #Innovating with #Technology.


Thanks to our main organizer PAPER + TOAST and our collaboration CommoPlast Asia Sdn Bhd. And last but not least, we are more than thankful that our participants from #Plastic Industry attended the event.

Let’s work together further for a better future and a better #Penang2030

Growing the state together

(Video)Growing the state together首长:改善塑料产品包装与设计 达到减塑效果

Posted by Buletin Mutiara on Selasa, 10 September 2019

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